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Triaging KYC Failures

It's normal for some users to fail their initial KYC or KYB evaluation. As the app owner you'll naturally want to give these user the opportunity to rectify any mistakes they've made in their initial registration, such as a typo. It's also your responsibility to take the right steps in ensuring you don't on-board nefarious actors who seek to defraud your platform.

Users who fail their initial KYC or KYB screen may upload documents which verify their information. Each of the following categories has particular documents which can be used to verify the user's information.

Sila's API response body has an attribute Tags which distinguishes the kind of documents you'll need to send us. They are as follows:




Updating user data

A user may input old or faulty information and then supply a document which verifies new data. For instance, an old residential address may be used initially, and then they may provide you a document which verifies a new or different address. In these cases use our /update/<registration-data> endpoints to send us the new data.

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Triaging KYC Failures

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