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Triaging KYC Failures

It's normal for some users to fail their initial KYC or KYB evaluation. As the app owner you'll naturally want to give these user the opportunity to rectify any mistakes they've made in their initial registration data, such as a typo, but only give your users the opportunity to update their registration data one-time. Make use of our /update endpoint to allow users a one-time opportunity to update their registration data if they fail their first KYC or KYB screen.

It's also your responsibility to take the right steps in ensuring you don't on-board nefarious actors who seek to defraud your platform.

Users who fail their KYC or KYB screen may upload documents which verify their information. Each of the following categories has particular documents which can be used to verify the user's information. It's best practice to make use of our /documents endpoint to securely upload and send Sila documents which need to be reviewed.

Sila's API response body has an attribute Tags which distinguishes the kind of documents you'll need to send us. They are as follows:


Denied KYC

You may receive the tag "Denied KYC" which does not map back to any particular document verification request type. If you receive this tag just know that the accompanying tags below will inform you of your next steps. You need not take action on this tag alone; it will also be accompanied by additional tags.

Eg. "Denied KYC" + "Name Not Verified" means the user will need to submit name verification documents.



Once documents are received, they will be reviewed within 2 business days. No matter the outcome (documents being sufficient or insufficient), Support will update you directly and will discuss if there are any next steps.


Updating user data

A user may input old or faulty registration information causing them to fail KYC or KYB. You may give your users one opportunity to update their information using our /update endpoint. If they fail again then they need to provide documents to verify their identity.


SANDBOX ONLY bug: Unhappy Path - /check_kyc and /documents

Please note that at this time there is a known SANDBOX ONLY bug related to the /check_kyc and /documents endpoints:

Bug 1: /check_kyc response will return:

  • SANDBOX: failed, passed
  • PRODUCTION: documents_required, documents_received, passed

Bug 2: /documents (SANDBOX ONLY)
Uploading a document will not trigger a passed status for your mocked failed user.

For the Demo Review you will need to show two things:

  1. New user sign up - Unhappy Path: failed user info with a successfully uploaded a document.
  2. New user sign up -Happy Path: end user entering data with DOC_KYC and user getting a passing status /check_kyc

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Triaging KYC Failures

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