General Identity Verification

For Denied Fraud, Fraud Warning, Fraud Risk, and Fraud Review reason tags

General Identity Verification

This process requires the user to upload 2 documents. The user must send in a photo selfie of themself holding their ID document, as well as a clear and readable photo of just their ID document.

Step 1:

Request one document from the list below.

The front and back of a current photo ID, such as a:

  • State-issued driver's license
  • Driver's permit
  • State ID card
  • Military ID
  • Military dependent's ID
  • Passport (both pages)
  • Passport Card (front and back of card)
  • Tribal ID


Document Upload Options

Front and Back images of ID documents can be uploaded together in one document or separately.

Step 2:

Obtain a clear selfie from your individual user. The Selfie should include a clear photo of their face and the document of their choice. In other words, the user should hold up their document near their face such that a selfie clearly captures both their face and the document.

Please note: we're not able to accept temporary IDs.


Document Requirements

  1. Clear photos only; we cannot accept screenshots or scans.
  2. All documents must be current. IDs cannot be expired.
  3. We need to see all four corners of the document, and the information we need to verify must be clearly readable.
  4. Send us images of both the front and the back of the document.
  5. If the document has a signature requirement, then it must be hand-signed. We cannot accept electronic signatures (with the exception of leases, where electronic signatures are acceptable).
  6. Government-issued documents (such as a state-issued ID or passports) must be in color. We can accept black-and-white photos or PDFs of other documents, such as utility bills.