Name Verification

Verifying or changing the name on an account

Name Verification or Update

If your customer legally changes their name, we'll need to update the name in Sila databases as well. Likewise, in some cases a potential customer can fail ID verification due to their name. The following is a list of documents we can accept to verify or update your user's name.

A clear photo of one of the following documents:

  • A current driver's license (front and back)

  • A current driver's permit with a photo (front and back)

  • A current state photo ID card (front and back)

    Please note: we're not able to accept temporary IDs

  • A current, signed U.S. passport or a U.S. passport card (first and second page of passport, or front and back of card)

  • A marriage license or divorce decree (this must have your new legal name printed by the state, and it must show that a name change occurred)

  • A court order for the name change

  • A Social Security card (front and back)

  • An IRS form W-2

Frozen Accounts due to low match score (see Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm

Documents must show proof of account ownership.

  • Any of the above documents plus
  • Current bank statement


Adding a name to your account

To add a former name, users can send us a birth certificate or a court order for the name change.


Document requirements

  • We can only accept clear color photos; we cannot accept scans.
  • We need to see all four corners of the document, and the name you are verifying must be clearly visible.