app_handlestringThis is the superuser handle used to identify the API consumer making the call.true
user_handlestringThis is the user handle attached to the KYC'd entity.true
createdintegarEpoch time that the API call was started (in nanoseconds).true
cryptostringThis tag specifies the blockchain network to use. (As of writing, the only valid crypto tag available is ETH.)true
referencestringThis is a unique identifier from your system used to identify the call you've made.false
versionstringThis tag specifies the version of the API you want to use. (As of writing, the only valid version string to use is 0.2.)true

Referenced in Message Types:

  • header_msg
  • entity_msg
  • link_account_msg
  • issue_msg
  • transfer_msg
  • redeem_msg
  • get_users_msg
  • get_accounts_msg
  • get_transactions_msg