Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm

Sila uses a proprietary algorithm to ensure the end user identity matches the account owner of the account that is being linked.

Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm

Within the response body of /link_account you may see the error message: "Bank account linked, but in a frozen state. Call /get_accounts to check for name match error, see [Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm](https://docs.silamoney.com/docs/fuzzy-name-match-algorithm) docs for next steps, and call /get_transactions to check for [ACH returns](https://docs.silamoney.com/docs/ach-return-codes#ach-return-codes,) then email [email protected] to proceed."

When this happens it is a sign that the Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm was triggered.

To confirm that it was the Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm that froze the account, you will need to make a call to /get_accounts where you'll see the following meta for the linked account:

"match_score": 0.825
"account_owner_name": "Test User"
"entity_name": "Test User".

The account owner name is the name on the account provided by Plaid, or MX while the entity name is the name of the person or business as provided to Sila through your request to /register.

These two names need to closely match otherwise the account will not be useable.

If the match score is less than 0.73, the account will be frozen and not useable.

How to unblock an End User with a frozen account due to a name mis-match:

  1. Call /get_accounts
  2. Confirm that the account match score is less than 0.73
  3. Confirm that the "account_owner_name" and the "entity_name" do not match
  4. Have the End User upload proof they own the account or proof that they changed their name to the /documents endpoint.

    See the Name Verification docs for acceptable documents

  5. Once the End User has uploaded acceptable documents reach out to Support via your Slack channel. You must provide the following information:
  • user_handle
  • the /link_account error message: "Bank account linked, but in a frozen state. Requires manual review - contact support to unfreeze this bank account."
  • the response from /get_accounts showing a match score of less than 0.73, "account_owner_name" and the "entity_name".
  1. Support will then verify the documents.
  • If account ownership is verifiable with the provided documents Support will file a ticket to have the account unfrozen and notify you via your Slack channel.
  • If account ownership is NOT verifiable with the provided documents Support will not be able to unfreeze the account. You will be notified via your Slack channel and the End User will need to choose to link a different account.