Transaction Error Codes

Transactions returned from the /get_transactions endpoint, if they have failed, will have an error code and error message returned with them. These are the error codes we return as of version 0.2.

Error CodeMeaning
ACH_ACCT_DNEA bank account with the given name does not exist under the user handle's linked accounts.
ACH_ACCT_INVALIDThe specified bank account is invalid. It may be closed or have invalid values.
ACH_INSUFF_FUNDSA bank account debit could not be completed due to insuffient funds.
ACH_RETURNThere was an ACH return on a transaction.
ADDR_BLACKLISTEDAn address in this transaction is blacklisted.
ADDR_INSUFF_FUNDSThere are insufficient funds at the user handle's associated blockchain address. This can apply to /issue_sila request when there is a late-dated return.
ADDR_INVALIDProvided blockchain address for user handle is invalid. It could be that it is a smart contract address, is not a real address, or is not on our betalist (temporary whitelist).
ADDR_NOT_BETALISTEDAn address in this transaction is not on the contract's betalist (temporary whitelist).
APPL_LIMITThe request count limit has been reached for the current application.
BLOCK_TIMEOUTThe transaction timed out on the blockchain and can be retried.
CANCELEDThe user cancelled the /issue_sila or /redeem_sila transaction.
EMERGENCY_FLAGAll further transactions are temporarily disabled on the Sila platform.
FEE_INSUFF_FUNDSThe address specified to pay the transaction fee had insufficient funds.
NON-ACH_TRANS_UNSUPPORTEDA non-ACH transaction was requested while non-ACH transactions are temporarily unsupported.
RATE_LIMITToo many transactions have been requested in a short span of time. Try waiting and retrying later.
TRANS_AMNT_TOO_LOWThe amount specified in the transaction was too low for it to complete.
TRANS_AMNT_TOO_HIGHThe amount specified in the transaction was higher than allowed transaction limit.
TRANS_AMNT_INVALIDThe amount may have been for an issue or redeem transaction and been a decimal value; this would convert to a fraction of a cent, which is not permitted on bank account transactions.
UNKNOWNThis is an unknown error. Contact us ASAP if a transaction has this error code!
USER_HANDLE_FROZENThis user is not permitted to transact at this time.
USER_KYC_INCOMPLETEThe user has not been KYC-verified.
Any code in <>Contact us ASAP if you catch one of these!