Mock KYC Failure Data - Testing in Sandbox


Registration - The Unhappy Path

In sandbox only, you can mock future KYC failure states by using the below values for the entity upon registration.


Error Messages

This is a list of most possible error messages that can occur when registering a user.

"Registered user must be 18."
"Received birthdate: INPUT_DATE"
"Derived age: AGE"
"Current server date: CURRENT_DATE"

"Not a valid birthdate, maximum allowed AGE_LIMIT."
"Received birthdate: INPUT_DATE"
"Derived age: AGE"
"Current server date: CURRENT_DATE"

"Integer not valid epoch."
"Epoch cannot be set in the future. (Parsed epoch as: DATE)"

"Provided epoch in message has expired; please generate a new message and signature to retry this request. (Parsed epoch as: DATE)"

US Postal Code

"This value does not match the required handle pattern: PATTERN"

Blockchain Address
"This value does not match the required address pattern: PATTERN"

Phone Number
"This value does not match the required phone number pattern: PATTERN"

"Input did not match SSN regex pattern."
"Input did not match EIN regex pattern PATTERN"

Testing Mock Failure Triggers & Tags

Registration FieldError TriggerOutcome Tags & Reasons in Response
first_name, OR last_name, OR full_nameFail (case-insensitive)Name Mismatch, Name Not Verified
first_name, OR last_name, OR full_namedocuments_requiredStatus:
first_name, OR last_name, OR full_nameFraudfailed, fraud warning, and denied fraud
first_name, OR last_name, OR full_nameReviewStatus: Review
street_address_1420 420th StreetAddress Not Matched, Address Not Verified
birthdate1970-04-20DOB Miskey, DOB Not Verified
identity_alias & identity_value"identity_alias": "SSN",
"identity_value": "420420420"
SSN Miskey, SSN Not Verified
entity: type & entity_name"entity": { "type": "business", "entity_name": "420 Inc",Company Name Not Matched
identity_alias & identity_value"identity_alias": "EIN", "identity_value": "420420420"FEIN Unmatched, FEIN Document Required
device.session_identifierfailfraud review, denied KYC

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