Cancel Transaction - Testing in Sandbox

Cancel a pending Issue Sila transaction under certain circumstances

Testing for Cancel Transactions

Mock Failure States: In sandbox only: you can pass the below transaction_ids to prompt error responses as shown.

transaction_idStatus CodeSuccess AttributeMessage
aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-8de5-a3be64670b71403falseWallet associated with transaction may be frozen.
bbbbbbbb-cccc-dddd-99ce-c45944174e0c403falseTransaction type does not support cancellation. Currently only "issue" transactions may be canceled.
cccccccc-dddd-eeee-a989-76560f827b42403falseTransaction already submitted to ACH network, no cancellation possible from this point.
dddddddd-eeee-ffff-9f23-097bb9bf748d404falseTransaction not found or is currently being processed.