Customer Application Demo - Overview

What you need to know to prepare for your Customer Application Demo Review

For those seeking production access you will need to be able to demonstrate successful integration of the basic Sila API flows, along with your other onboarding tasks.

Demonstrating a successful integration includes:

  • a new user (entity) signing up
  • the registration flow endpoints
  • linking an account
  • a previous user logging in
  • the transaction flow endpoints
  • user access to disclosures

All of the markers we are expecting to see during the demo review of your sandbox application are outlined in the documents below.

  • Endpoint Specific Requirements document which outlines endpoint specific requirements and important need to know information.
  • Demo check list which outlines each step we are expecting to see when reviewing your sandbox application.


Other Helpful Documentation



Before you submit a demo:

Once received and added to the queue Demo Reviews can take up to 5 business days. Feedback will be sent to you via email from your Sila Onboarding Specialist.

Submitting your application for a demo review:

Video Demo Review

  • Videos should be submitted via your slack channel.
  • How many videos: 2 videos
    -- Video 1: Steps 1 - 7 (new user sign up, the registration flow and linking an account).
    -- Video 2: Steps 8 - 12: (user log in, transaction flow and disclosures requirement).


  • What should the demo cover?

    All expectations specified on the Customer Application Demo Requirements and the items outlined on the Demo Check List.

  • Who should lead the demo and/or record the demo videos?

    Preferably the Lead Technical Developer.

  • Do the videos need to be submitted with audio?

    Yes, videos are required to be submitted with audio as someone needs to talk though what they are clicking on, what endpoint is being invoked and verbalize the requirements indicated.

  • What if we have not met the info management and security requirements yet?

    You can still submit the demo videos for review.

  • What happens after I submit my Demo for review?
    • Once received and added to the queue (demo reviews can take up to 5 business days). Your demo is reviewed based on the markers provided in the check list and endpoint specific requirements.
    • If you have not hit the markers as expected you will be asked to re-submit based on the feedback provided to you via email from your Sila Onboarding Specialist.
    • If your demo meets all expected markers you will be notified that it was approved and you can move on to the next step in you onboarding journey.
  • Do we get production access after the demo review is approved?

    Production access will be granted by your Onboarding Specialist once all onboarding business and technical requirements have been met.

  • Our backend is not full connected yet. Can we submit a demo of the front end with our UX workflow?

    Nope. Unfortunately, just showing the UX workflow is not sufficient. Having the backend connected is a requirement for the demo review. You will need show your app hitting the Sila API endpoints and returning the expected responses in a live dev (sandbox) environment.

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