Transfer Status Diagram

When getting a transaction, it's status will be in one of these states:

Queued: processing has not begun. transactions usually don't stay in this state for long in production.
Pending: transaction is still processing. it hasn't failed any critical steps yet.
Failed: transaction is in a final failure state. there are no steps to roll back.
Success: transaction has completed all steps successfully.
Rollback: transaction has encountered a failure in one of its steps and must roll back changes.
Review: a transaction requires manual intervention. often this indicates failure, but occasionally this can happen for a transaction that will be successful.


The flow of statuses during a transfer:


1. SILA tokens are ready to be transferred over the blockchain, going from the current authenticated user to a specified destination handle. While the transfer is pending, it has not failed any critical steps, and the process is still in progress.

2. There are two outcomes here, one being that the SILA tokens are successfully issued and the transfer to the specified destination handle has been successful. SILA tokens have moved from one digital wallet to another. The second being that theSILA tokens failed to be issued and the transfer to the specified destination handle has results in a failure.