transaction_id stringThe UUID that Sila assigns to a transaction.false
reference_idstringThe reference sent in the message header object when the transaction was first created.false
statusesstring arrayPossible values: ["queued", "pending", "failed", "success", "rollback", "review"]. An empty/absent array results in no filter on transaction status.false
transaction_typesstring arrayPossible values in the array include "issue", "redeem", and "transfer". An empty/absent array just results in returning all types.false
max_sila_amount floatIf specified and > 0, returns transactions with amounts less than or equal to this amount.false
min_sila_amount floatIf specified and > 0, returns transactions with amounts greater than or equal to this amount.false
start_epochintegerNanosecond epoch time. If specified and is a date after 1969, returns transactions started after this date.false
end_epochintegerNanosecond epoch time. Returns transactions started before this date.false
pageintegerSpecifies page of results to return (default 1).false
per_pageintegerNumber of results to return in a single call (1-100, default 20).false
sort_ascendingbooleanIf true, returns the oldest transactions first instead of the newest first.false
show_timelinesbooleanIf true, adds a timeline array to each transaction object in the JSON response.false

Referenced in Message Types:

  • get_transactions_msg