Transaction Errors - Testing in Sandbox

Issue Sila

/issue_sila: Initiates an ACH Debit transaction on a specified bank account and issues SILAUSD tokens to the address belonging to the requested handle


Issue Sila Timing

In sandbox issuing Sila can take up to five minutes.

Testing for ACH Transactions (Standard & Same Day)

You can simulate an ACH return by issuing Sila in any amount ending in 420.
Examples: 1420 ($14.20), 78420 ($784.20), or 420 ($4.20)

ACH Amount ExamplesReturn Description
1420 ($14.20), 78420 ($784.20), 420 ($4.20)R01: Insufficient Funds

Testing for Instant ACH Transactions

You can simulate Instant ACH returns in Sandbox for bank account not eligible and transaction rejected by issuing Sila in the amounts specified below:

Instant ACH Amount ExamplesReturn Description
37 ($0.37)Bank account not eligible (no fuzzy match was done)
41 ($0.41)Transaction rejected (risk assessment failed)

Instant ACH transactions require the end user to confirm a SMS notifications in order for the transaction to be processed. The SMS notification from the Sandbox business UUID will come from the company "Sila Test" and need to be confirmed within 5 minutes of requesting the transfer.

NOTE: Instant ACH is in closed beta. Your app must be registered with Sila to test this functionality.

Redeem Sila

/redeem_sila: Burns given amount of SILAUSD at the handle's blockchain address and initiates an ACH Credit transaction to a linked bank account in the equivalent monetary amount.

Testing for Redeem Sila Transactions

You can simulate a returned redeem transaction in Sandbox for Stop Payment by redeeming Sila in any amount ending in 420.

Redeem Amount ExamplesReturn Description
1420 ($14.20), 35420 ($354.20), 420 ($4.20)R08: Stop Payment


Sandbox Business UUID

The sandbox business_uuid that is provided for all Sandbox applications to use during testing is: a9f38290-ce34-42db-95ab-630ebba6084a