headerobjectThis object is required in every call. The information it includes is used to verify the signature.true
messagestringThis tag specifies the JSON schema object to validate against. For this call, use link_account_msg.false
plaid_tokenstringThis is the public token returned in the onSuccess function of a Plaid Link session, or a processor token if using your own Plaid integration.true
account_namestringThis is the name given to the linked account. If omitted, it is "default".false
selected_account_idstringIf one account is selected through Plaid Link, the ID found in the selected accounts array can be passed in here. If this is omitted, the endpoint will choose the first checking account it finds at the end-user's bank.false
provider_tokenstringMust be either Plaid's processor-xxx-xxx or MX's authorization_code-xxx-xxxtrue
provider_token_typeMust match "processor"true
providerMust be either "Plaid" or "MX"true

The plaid_token and plaid_token_type parameters have been deprecated and are only used prior to SDK version 0.2.49; however, they are still supported for backwards compatibility.


Used By Endpoints:

  • /link_account

Note - We recently renamed the field auth_handle to app_handle. For backward compatibility, auth_handle is still valid but has been removed from our documentation.

  "header": {
    "created": 1234567890, 
    "app_handle": "handle.silamoney.eth", 
    "version": "0.2", 
    "crypto": "ETH", 
    "reference": "<your unique id>"

***Link Account with Plaid 
  // See for specs

***Link Account with MX
  // See for specs