Plaid + Sila Integration

Sila's partnership with Plaid allows you to link bank accounts, check balances, and identify owners.


Plaid Link, a drop-in client-side integration for the Plaid API that handles input validation, error handling, and multi-factor authentication plus processor token.


Plaid Contract - need to know:

Sila requires the use of Plaid's Balance, Identity, and Auth products, please ensure these products are included in your Plaid contract.

Additionally, you may choose to take advantage of other Plaid products but they are not required by Sila.

Plaid Processor Token

To link a bank account with the /link_account endpoint you will need to obtain a processor token.

Please follow the steps outlined in the Plaid documentation for the Plaid + Sila Integration
documentation can be found HERE.

Once you have the Plaid Processor Token you are ready to link a bank account via the /link_account endpoint.

Plaid Processor Token Request and Response samples can be found on the /link_account docs.

Sandbox: Linking a Plaid Mock Bank Account

In only the Sandbox, you can mock a bank account linking with any bank that shows up in the interface of the Plaid Link modal.

Plaid Modal Sandbox Credentials
Specify the username as "user_good" and the password as "pass_good".
These credentials works with any bank that shows up in the Plaid Link interface.

Testing a linked account

See the testing docs to test the happy and unhappy path for /link_account endpoint.


Plaid request_id needed for troubleshooting

The Plaid API response includes both the processor_token that should be passed to Sila along with a request_id.
If you run into issues with the processor_token, Plaid requires that you provide the request_id when reporting a troubleshooting ticket for that processor_token

The request_id is not packaged inside the processor_token you submit to Sila on the /link_account call. Therefore, Sila does NOT have access to the request_id. It is your responsibility to store the request_id returned from the Plaid's response when generating the processor_token in the even that it needs to be provided to Plaid.


WARNING: Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm

Read more about the Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm HERE.

It is recommended that you wait until an end user passes KYC before you allow them to link and account.

If a users fails KYC there is a risk that the account that they linked be frozen and you will get the following error message: "Bank account linked, but in a frozen state. Requires manual review - contact support to unfreeze this bank account."

Steps to unfreezing a linked account can be found HERE.