Breaking Change Policy

Sila continues to update our API endpoints to improve our services. While most of our API changes do not disrupt your implementation ("non-breaking changes"), occasionally, we release updates that may break your implementation ("breaking changes"). Below, we details examples of breaking and non-breaking changes to Sila's API endpoints. At the bottom of this page, you can read about how we communicate breaking changes.

Breaking Changes

A breaking change is a Sila API change that may break your implementation.


  • Removal of a request field or response field
  • Addition of a required request field without a default value
  • Renaming a request field or a response field

Non-Breaking Changes

A non-breaking change is a Sila API change that will not break your implementation.


  • Addition of a new endpoint or a new request method to an existing endpoint
  • Addition of a new response field
  • Addition of new optional request field or a new required request field with a default value
  • Altering an error message


Sila will notify our customers via email in the event of releasing a breaking change to our API. We will share the release date of the change and outline instructions to update your Sila implementation.

In the event of releasing a non-breaking change to our API, we will document that change in our release notes.