Date of Birth Verification

Verifying the date of birth of an account

Date of birth verification

If your customer types in the wrong birth date while on-boarding they will fail KYC checks and thus need to provide verification of their date of birth. The following is a list of documents we can accept to verify your user's date of birth.

A clear photo of one of the following documents:

  • State Driver's License (front and back, not expired, with photo, and not temporary)
  • Driver's Permit (front and back, not expired, with photo)
  • State ID Card (front and back, not expired, with photo)
    Please note: we're not able to accept temporary IDs
  • US Passport (first and second page, not expired, photo page, signature visible)
  • US Passport Card (front and back, not expired)
  • Birth Certificate


Document requirements

  • We can only accept clear color photos; we cannot accept scans.
  • We need to see all four corners of the document, and the name and date you are verifying must be clearly visible.