ECDSA Sample Input/Outputs

These are some sample inputs and outputs using a sample private key.


Do not use this key for any reason other than testing signatures locally!

Registering a user with this key means that anyone with access to this private key can authenticate requests on the user's behalf. Worse, using the associated address as a wallet to hold digital assets like Ethereum means that anyone with access to the private key owns those assets. Beware!


Private key: badba7368134dcd61c60f9b56979c09196d03f5891a20c1557b1afac0202a97c

Address: 0x65a796a4bD3AaF6370791BefFb1A86EAcfdBc3C1

Message StringSignature Hex String
{"test": "message"}2de2f5d3f778e485f234956679373b9730b717c33e628651c3371e7eb31c4a27738af1a3bf85472a2a7dfc0628ddd21f8611ff0e170ebd24003c2a34b2760d5c1c

If your signatures look almost the same except for the last few characters, you most likely have an offset issue. The good news is that your offset should be constant across your generated signatures. Some other libraries, such as the one we use in our Go example, also have this issue.