MX + Sila Integration

MX API endpoints and the MX Connect widget are used to generate authorization codes for processors.


MX Contract - need to know:

Sila's /link_account endpoint requires that MX clients are contracted for Instant Account Verification, Identity Verification, and Balance Checks in order for Sila to access the processor token endpoints.

Additionally, you may choose to take advantage of other MX products including Data Aggregation, although it is not required by Sila.

Generating an MX Authorization Code

Sila customers that use the MX platform are required to pass an authorization_code to the /link_account endpoint.

The full set of MX API documentation can be found at These docs contain a link to download MX's postman collection, provide instructions on how to create a user and a member on the MX platform, and generate an authorization code.


MX Connect Widget

MX offers both a webview (for mobile) widget SDK (for React Native) and a widget Loader (an iframe integration for web).

Once you have an MX authorization_code, you are ready to link a bank account via the /link_account endpoint.

Request and Response samples for linking an account with an MX authorization_code can be found in the /link_account docs.

Sandbox: Linking a Mock Bank Account with MX

Step 1: Create a User using a POST request to MX's /users endpoint (see their documentation here).

Step 2: Connect to An Institution with the MX Connect Widget using the MX connect_institution endpoint.

Using the MXquickconnect app (a pre-integrated widget loader) will allow you to generate an authorization code and call Sila's /link_account without requiring you to integrate MX into your app.

Step 3: Retrieve User Permissioned Information

Step 4: Request authorization_code with the MX auth_code_request endpoint.

Step 5: Pass authorization_code to Sila using Sila's /link_account endpoint.

Testing a linked account

See the testing docs to test the happy and unhappy path for /link_account endpoint.


WARNING: Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm

Read more about the Fuzzy Name Match Algorithm HERE.

It is recommended that you wait until an end user passes KYC before you allow them to link and account.

If a users fails KYC there is a risk that the account that they linked will be frozen and you will get the following error message: "Bank account linked, but in a frozen state. Requires manual review - contact support to unfreeze this bank account."

Steps to unfreezing a linked account can be found HERE.