Team Management Dashboard

On the Team Management Dashboard, you can:

  • Add new team members
  • Owners can add new owners
  • Update current team members role
  • Delete existing team members
  • Search for team members by name, handle or role

How to invite a console user to a team that is in Production Environment

  1. Please reach to Sila Support via your designated Slack channel to provide the email(s) and user_handle(s) of the team member(s) you would like to invite to your team.
  2. Sila Support will then grant the Console User(s) access to Production and will notify you when this is done. (They will still need an invitation to gain access to your team).
  3. The app owner is responsible for sending out invitations to their team member(s) (Please make sure you are inviting them to the correct team name).
  4. You team member(s) will then sign into the Sila Console and then accept the invitation they received via email. IMPORTANT - The new team member MUST toggle to Production and then accept the emailed invitation.