End User Limits - Technical Details

If you need to review the default limits for your account with Sila, you can find more information on the default limit page. If you want to learn about end user and endpoint specific service quotas, they will be displayed every time you make an API request to a limited endpoint.

Here, you can see an example of limits related response headers.

If a customer of your app exceeds a limit, Sila’s API responds with a 403 error code or a 429 error code that includes details in the header of the response.

Sila’s API returns two different kinds of error codes when a limit is exceeded:

  • AggregateLimits: Money based limits that return a 403 error code when the limit is exceeded.

  • RateLimits: Limits based on request frequency that return a 429 error code when the limit is exceeded.

  • Limits also return data about your usage when a successful 200 response header is returned.