Create a Sila Console account

Register your team and gain access to the Sila Developer Console

Register As A Developer

  • To register for the Sila console, create an account. You can use the username or email and password to sign in to Sila Console.

Sign up for a Sila Console account:

  • Go to the Sila Console account creation page.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to create your account.
  • Work email - Provide your E-mail ID.
  • Company Name - You can choose the company name or create your own.
  • After the account is created you will get an email verification link in your inbox, click on it and verify your email address.

Team name and Invite Team Members:

  • Follow the steps on the screen to create a Team name and Invite your team members.
  • Invite your team members and setup a free team to help your team save time, collaborate on development, and get things done.
  • Team name will be a unique name.
  • Invite your team members by adding commas separated email addresses and invited members will get an email along with the signup link.

Questionnaire page:

  • - On this page, you can continue or Skip the page.
  • Once the Registration steps are completed the user will be brought to the Welcome page.

Welcome Page:


What’s Next