Webhook Activity Dashboard

From the Webhook Activity Dashboard, you and your developers can:

  • View the recent webhook activity
  • Sort by the creation date of individual events created by each webhook
  • Apply Global Filters to make it easy to find the events most important to you
    • Available filters are: date, name, event, delivered, and response
  • Resend failed webhooks and reactivate endpoint
    • Clicking on "Retry" will send the individual failed webhook event
    • Clicking on “Send” will send the individual webhook event that was missed due to the endpoint being disabled
      • As long as the new event is delivered successfully, it will also reactivate the endpoint


Webhook Deactivation

A webhook will be automatically deactivated after 15 consecutive event failures. This will cause a warning banner to appear at the top of the screen to notify you that a webhook has been deactivated.