Stearns/Sardine Integration

The below contains setup and process info that is specific to the Stearns/Sardine integration.

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Integrate Sardine SDK


What do I need the Sardine SDK for?

The Sardine SDK will primarily be used for the KYC/KYB process. You will use the Sila specs for making requests to the /register and /check_kyc endpoints but the application itself will be routed through the Sardine process.

Please use Sardine's documentation to get started with the Risk SDK:

Getting Started


Please Note

Sila is handling Auth, so do not worry about those.

You will also see documentation on Devices and Signals, which are not relevant to the Sila integration.


  1. Generate Sardine Sandbox credentials

  2. Choose the SDK you need

  3. Use Integration Guides to install the SDK

KYC Level



Please see our /request_kyc documentation for code samples demonstrating the Sardine KYC Levels.

The KYC Level names for Sardine's KYC are different from Sila's:

  • KYC
KYC LevelDetails
KYC-SARDINE-STRICTRequires name, address, phone, email, birthdate, SSN

Comparable to Sila's KYC-STANDARD.
  • KYB

KYB requires no level to be submitted. Please leave out when calling /request_kyc for a business entity.

Doc Verification Flow

Follow the below process if you receive documents_required for KYC.

  1. Make a call to this endpoint: /sardine_doc_verification_link - we recommend supplying a redirect url for the end user to be redirected to after finishing the upload documentation flow in step 2 below.
    NOTE: The session_key used for this link must be the same as the session_key used when /request_kyc was called.
  2. This will retrieve a URL you can direct the end user to. This takes them to a flow for them to upload documents. Once they are finished, they will be redirected to the url provided in step 1 (if a redirect url was provided)/
  3. If you have set up the Sila KYC Status Update webhook, you will receive a webhook updating the IDV status.

Sardine Session Key

Some calls will require a customer-generated session key. Please use Sardine's session key design guide for guidance.


Use 24-hour Expiry

While the docs recommend 30 minutes, a longer expiry is better for the Sila/Stearns integration.

The sardine_session_key is required for:

  1. KYC - can be supplied during the initial /register call or can be added later with /add/
  2. Doc Verification - sardine_session_key is required to retrieve the verification link, when calling /sardine_doc_verification_link

The sardine_session_key is optional for transacting (see /issue_sila and /redeem_sila)


Session Key API Call Code Samples

Please see the individual doc pages linked above for code samples including the Sardine session key.