Auth Token vs ECDSA Authentication Schemes

Two methods of authorization

Sila provides two methods for authorization:


Authentication Token and ECDSA (legacy) Authentication

The Sila API implementation up until (not including) Release 0.2.20 only supported a proprietary signing scheme based on the ECDSA algorithm and private keys.

As of Release 0.2.20 (released Feb 2021), all new client apps will have the option to use an authentication scheme based on conventional JWT access tokens. Sila AuthToken Postman Collection can be found here.

Given that utilizing the Authentication Token is less complex than the ECDSA Authentication Sila will NOT be providing SDK support for the Authentication Token and Sila does not intend to auth_token support to SDKs.

Apps using Authentication Token for Authorization (recommended)

Apps using ECDSA Authentication for Authorization


Migrating from ECDSA to Authentication Token

Customers with apps using ECDSA will eventually be required to migrate their existing apps in the near future. Deprecating the ECDSA (legacy) Authentication Scheme is on the roadmap, but does not yet have an ETA.

Sila will send out communication via the news letter and update the docs when this migration needs to take place.