KYC/KYB Levels

The /request_kyc API has an kyc_level parameter that can be used to request a specific verification flow. To utilize them, you must have the kyc level approved for your app. Attempting to use them without approval will result in a 403 forbidden error. Please contact your onboarding specialist if you are interested in learning more about these and the approval process.


These values for kyc_level apply to individual entities:

  • KYC-STANDARD - this level contains full KYC and allows documents to be used to verify information that could not be verified automatically.


DOC_KYC and DEFAULT - Discontinued on 11/20/2023

To keep Sila's KYC program as efficient and effective Sila is moving to a single KYC flow, KYC-STANDARD.

Calls using the discontinued levels after 11/20/23 will instead utilize the new KYC level. If you experience any problems with the new flow please reach out.


Unlike with KYC, with KYB the kyc_level does not need to be specified explicitly by your API request. Instead, KYB levels are applied to the business entity based on the business type.

  • KYB-STANDARD - Depending on the business type, various individuals holding key roles within the business (i.e., Controlling Officer, Beneficial Owner) are required to pass individual KYC. This must be certified by an Administrator of the business. See details here -