This is why we're all here! Endpoints in this section facilitate the movement of money, and reporting on the same.

Transaction Flow


Have you completed the Registration Flow?

Request to transaction endpoints will not work until you have successfully completed the registration flow.

Initiates an ACH Debit transaction on a specified bank account and issues SILAUSD tokens to the address belonging to the requested handle.

Starts a transfer of the requested amount of SILAUSD to the requested destination handle.

Burns given amount of SILAUSD at the handle's blockchain address and initiates an ACH Credit transaction to a linked bank account in the equivalent monetary amount.


Alternative Payment Instruments (such as Instant ACH)

You will be required to successfully transact with Standard or Same-Day ACH and be approved by Sila's Bank Ops before you will be able to use Sila's other payment instruments (such as Instant ACH).

Other Helpful Transaction Docs

Transaction Status Error Codes

ACH Processing Schedule


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